White Mushrooms

Description: Mushrooms throughout the world are also known as “Buttons”, and depending on variety come in different sizes and colors. Mushrooms typically come in creamy white to off-white in color. Mushrooms of a creamy color have the same taste and flavor as mushrooms of an off-white color. Size can vary from small (button) mushrooms to jumbo (extra large) mushrooms. The best quality mushrooms will be dry, firm, have slightly pink gills and be a closed underside cap.

Storage and Handling:

Preparation and Serving Suggestions: Mushrooms can be eaten fresh (raw), in salads, soups, pizzas, grilled, roasted, or baked. When possible gently rinse mushrooms to remove excess dirt to clean the surface. If serving raw a suggestion of lightly sprinkling lemon juice will prevent them from white to brown in color.
Flavor: White mushrooms are pleasingly mild and woodsy in taste. Flavors intensify when cooked. Package Sizes and Availability: Mushrooms packed in Bulk 3, 5, or 10 lb cases are available year-round to almost all markets.