Outstripping the Competition

You have unique needs. We have unique solutions Thomas Transportation was formed for the need to deliver Pinnacle Performance, on time- every time! Thomas Transportation utilizes state-of-the art trucks towing the industries best more reliable reefer trailers. All trailers are equipped with GPS tracking technology and data logging services for your perishable needs. All trucks are driven by the industries best most dependable drivers. All tractor units are driven by solo and team drivers to ensure even the most strictest deadlines are meet. Thomas Transportation got its start from the need to deliver fresh mushrooms from our farm to market on time. The time sensitivity of mushrooms requires that product be delivered in the fastest possibly way possible. The utilization of team drivers allows our trucks to be consistently moving, not idling.

Engineering Solutions

We specialize in developing and designing logistic solutions for custom supply chain solutions, giving our customers the edge over their competition.<br> Partner with us and:

  • Increase and enhance your delivery service
  • Decrease your liability
  • Lower your transportation costs
  • Keep peace of mind that the job is getting done.

Fleet Services

We outperform the competition and with the advantage of utilizing our dedicated fleet services you have the advantages of a private fleet, without the problems and costs of overhead, driver retention, equipment dilemmas, insurance, fuel costs, and driver recruitment all at the same time taking advantage of our experience and knowledge of the logistics industry. Advantages of dedicated fleet services:
  • Better overall supply chain services and VALUE
  • Acquire and control valuable year-round, guaranteed capacity
  • Back-haul programs
  • Decreased delivery time
  • Added just-in-time (JIT) inventory control
Every day, we wake up knowing we do the best job the industry has to offer, and continue to flex and stretch our offerings to our customers.