Portobellos Portobelo Description: Portobello’s are the largest of the domestic mushroom world.   They are the most versitle of all the mushrooms in their uses.   Portobello’s are actually larger crimini mushrooms that have been left to grow for a longer extended period.   This extended growth period allows the portobello’s to have a meatier flavor. Storage and Handling:
  • Immediately refrigerate after receiving and store between 34°-38°F
  • Store between 85-90% humidity
  • Keep mushrooms in original packaging until ready to use
  • Once opened, store mushrooms in a brown paper bag
  • Mushroom will keep for 7 days when stored at proper temperatures
  • Do not wash before storage. When ready to use, wipe gently with damp cloth or soft brush to remove dirt. For volume preparation, quickly rinse in cool water; drain. Shake gently to remove excess water. Do not soak mushrooms because they absorb water which speeds up deterioration
Preparation and Serving Suggestions: Portobello’s are very versatile in their uses.  They can be used in soups, stews, grilling, or roasted.   Portobello’s are a great substitute for meat.  One great vegetarian idea is lightly oil Portobello’s and place them on the grill as a substitute for a burger. Flavor: Portobello’s have a deep meat-like flavor, and a substantial texture with an amazing taste. Package Sizes and Availability:
  • 5 pound bulk
  • 5 pound prime (5”)
  • 3 pound 4.5” port cap
  • 3 pound 3.5” port cap
  • 6 X 6 port cap (retail)
  • 6 X 6 sliced port cap (retail)