Description: Crimini mushrooms also known as Italian Browns and Baby Bellas are a smaller version of the Portobello mushroom.  They have similar shape and size to regular white mushrooms but have a much bolder flavor. Storage and Handling:
  • Immediately refrigerate after receiving and store between 34°-38°F
  • Store between 85-90% humidity
  • Keep mushrooms in original packaging until ready to use
  • Once opened, store mushrooms in a brown paper bag
  • Mushroom will keep for 7 days when stored at proper temperatures
  • Do not wash before storage. When ready to use, wipe gently with damp cloth or soft brush to remove dirt. For volume preparation, quickly rinse in cool water; drain. Shake gently to remove excess water. Do not soak mushrooms because they absorb water which speeds up deterioration
Preparation and Serving Suggestions: Mushrooms can be eaten fresh (raw), in salads, soups, pizzas, grilled, roasted, or baked. These have a much bolder taste which goes well with beef, meat, and wild game. When possible gently rinse mushrooms to remove excess dirt to clean the surface. Flavor: Crimini’s have a very bold intense flavor Package Sizes and Availability:
  • 5 pound bulk
  • 10 pound bulk
  • 5 pound portobello
  • 12 X 8oz Crimini (retail)
  • 12 X 8oz slice Crimini (retail)
  • 3 pound 3.5” port cap
  • 6 X 6 port cap (retail)
  • 6 X 6 sliced port cap (retail)